Home based care is becoming an important consideration for families for several reasons. The lack of retirement homes and costs associated with these facilities are probably one of the biggest factors. Apart from this, so many people nowadays prefer to remain in their current homes where they are familiar and comfortable in their surroundings. People may also need assistance whilst recuperating at home after a medical procedure. We at Nursing Angels recognise this and we are capable of providing professional solutions for various home based caring needs. As healthcare and retirement facility costs also continue to skyrocket, and people are living longer now than in the past, we offer more affordable solutions to our clients. 

Nursing Angels specialises in providing a high quality care giving service to families, a couple or individual that requires care in the comfort of their own home. Our highly trained care givers can provide daily assistance in a variety of areas, whether it be a family requiring a night nurse to assist with their new-born, or someone requiring assisted living due to old age or a debilitating illness or condition. Our carers can also assist in the recovery process following a surgical procedure at a hospital or simply to receive care at home without having to be admitted to hospital.    

Our carers can be booked for any duration of time and it is up to the individual or family to decide how long they require help at home. We at Nursing Angels will ensure that your loved ones get the required service or assistance they need. Our care givers are passionate about their work and your loved one will receive all the necessary love, compassion, empathy and upliftment they deserve, each day.


Let us assist with all your home care needs

Just Some of the Areas we Specialise In.

Baby Night Nursing

A Nursing Angel can provide you with 24 hour nursing care at home to help with caring for new born babies.

Assisted Living

Often senior citizens may require assisted living at home as they choose not to move into a retirement home or village.

Debilitating Illnesses

Our Nursing Angels will assist a person suffering from a debilitating illness such as Dementia, Alzheimer's or a heart attack.


This includes caring for patients that have some form of paralyses (be it total or partial paralyses) and are wheelchair bound or have suffered a stroke.

Post Surgical

After a surgery we can assist a patient after being discharged from hospital, to care for wounds, mobilisation, prevention of infections etc.

Terminal Patients

Assistance for those persons who may be terminally ill and in need of a safe caring environment, attentive caring, comfortable environment and treatment of pain.

More About Baby Night Nursing....

The birth of a baby can bring so much joy to a family, but often parents find it quite stressful with the continuous crying and lack of sleep the family is experiencing – all to the detriment of one’s physical and mental health. Moreover a mom may still be experiencing pain from a Caesarean section and struggling to get a baby to latch resulting in further sleep deprivation. This is where hiring a night nurse really makes sense.

A night nurse is a person who specialises in new born care. This person will assist a family during the first few weeks of birth (or longer). They typically work at night and assist mom and dad in many ways. Some of the tasks that a night nurse can perform include the following:

– feeding the baby and this includes bringing the baby to mom for feeding, cleaning bottles, bottle preparation bathing, or expressing milk if necessary.

– dealing with baby specific issues like circumcision or umbilical cord care, reflux or diaper rash care.

– bathing and dressing the baby.

– pacifying the baby and putting the baby to sleep.

– duties inside the nursery which may include keeping a neat and organised nursery.  

– helping the family develop a routine and keeping to the routine so that the family can get enough sleep.

It is important to note that these nurses a very passionate about caring for newborns and have a lot of experience in infant care and looking after prematurely born babies. All our night nurses are also qualified in Paediatric First Aid & CPR. You don’t need to feel that you are a frantic parent when hiring one of our nurses. They in fact add a lot of value and can make your life a lot easier in so many ways. Studies have shown that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to stress, anxiety and post natal depression and inhibit a mom’s ability to bond with a baby which is so crucial for a baby. Night nurses can help a mom and dad whom has no support network around and also teach them the ropes of early infant care. They also enable parents to give care and attention to other siblings, so in many ways a night nurse is a life saver. Corporate executives who cant take a lot of maternity leave or parents who run their own companies can also benefit significantly by employing a night nurse. 


More About Assisted Living....

Due to advancements in medicine and other factors, people are living much longer nowadays. Studies have shown that now more than even, people reach advanced ages. Growing very old can become incredibly challenging for people, however this need not be. Some elderly people also don’t feel the need to transition to a retirement home and would rather remain within the comfort of their own home. Some people may not be that old but are struggling through life due to a medical setback or mental illness. This is where assisted living makes a lot of sense and enables elderly people or people with a limitation, disability or impairment, to remain at their present home whilst enjoying the comfort of their own surroundings and independence. 

At Nursing Angels we believe that getting older should not mean being immobile, being controlled or getting less out of life. We believe that one should maintain your dignity and live life to the fullest right to the end. Our care givers are the first choice in providing elderly citizens with all the support they need at home to make life a little easier, more joyful and being in control.

Our nurses and care givers are well trained to assist with a multitude of tasks in and around the house. Some of the areas they can assist with may include, bathing and general hygiene, assistance with getting dressed/undressed, bathroom & toilet assistance, general mobility and assistance around the house, light exercise to ensure good blood circulation, treatment of bedsore or other minor injuries and bruises, preparation of meals and washing dishes, house cleaning (limited), providing companionship, administering medication timeously, documenting vital signs and giving feedback.

Our nurses/care givers are fully screened and interviewed to ensure they are literate. We also contact their previous employers to obtain a valid and credible reference. A criminal clearance check (linked to SAPS database) is also undertaken to ensure peace of mind for all concerned and it is imperative that each nurse or care giver is fully qualified with at least one year’s experience.

More About Terminal Care & Debilitating Illnesses....

Taking care of someone that is terminally ill or suffers from a debilitating illness, can be physically challenging and emotionally taxing. This can lead to all different types of stress and frustrations at home. Having to look after someone by yourself, can change your life drastically in so many ways, such as never having any time for one’s self or never being able to be away from home for too long. You almost become a prisoner in your own home. Other family members such as children may also suffer by not get the necessary attention they deserve. These are just a few problems one has to deal with

At Nursing Angels we can take away all the strains associated with caring for a terminally ill person or someone suffering from a debilitating condition, thereby allowing you to continue leading a normal life with little to no disruptions. Just some of the benefits of having a carer or nurse at home includes the following. Our carers ensure that patients maintain a daily routine when it comes to sleeping, bathing, exercising or taking medication. A carer can also focus on ensuring healthy and timely eating habits as well as taking into consideration a patient’s preferences for certain food. Bowel movements can be documented and monitored by a carer and also reporting any concerns they have. Our carers can also see to the physical needs of a patient as well as the spiritual, emotional and psycho-social needs. This includes ensuring that the patient gets sufficient exercise, is pain free, comfortable, eating adequately and regularly visits the bathroom. This plays a big role in ensuring quality of life. Healthy sleeping patterns are also very important. A carer can ensure that a patient get’s enough rest and at the right time. Mobility for a person is very important and our carers are taught the correct techniques to move a patient from a bed to a wheelchair and vice-versa or to change position on a bed to prevent bedsores. It is very important to lift a person in the correct manner so not to hurt him/her or one’s self. Our carers also understand the prevention and treatment of bedsores. A bedsore can be a big discomfort for a patient and so they need to be moved regularly to prevent this from happening. 

Grooming and dealing with incontinence by using adult nappies and linen protectors is just another way that our carers or nurses can ensure that a patient feels just a little more dignified. Lastly, a carer can offer a great benefit in managing anxiety and pain. Administering medication on time is vitally important but our carer can also encourage the patient to potentially engage in a  relaxing activity such as reading or watching a documentary on television or just by having a conversation between the two of them. With Nursing Angels, your carer or nurse will have the necessary experience to look after your loved one at home.