We Specialise in the Following

Baby Night Nursing

A Nursing Angel can provide you with 24 hour nursing care at home to help with caring for new born babies.

Debilitating Illnesses

Our Nursing Angels will assist a person suffering from a debilitating illness such as Dementia, Alzheimer's or a heart attack.


This includes caring for patients that have some form of paralyses (be it total or partial paralyses) and are wheelchair bound or have suffered a stroke.

Elderly Frail Care

Often senior citizens may require assisted living at home as they choose not to move into a retirement home or village.

Post Surgical

After a surgery we can assist a patient after being discharged from hospital, to care for wounds, mobilisation, prevention of infections etc.

Terminal Patients

Assistance for those persons who may be terminally ill and in need of a safe caring environment, attentive caring, comfortable environment and treatment of pain.