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Domestic workers,
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Au Pairs:
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Baby Nurses & Caregivers:
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Domestic angels' history

We love what we do!

We have that same passion today that led us to start the business in 2008. Our passion is to find the right person for you, to help at home or look after your most precious ones. Let us take the stress away and give you peace of mind.


what makes domestic angels so good?

Professional Approach & Track Record

Our professional and thorough approach will ensure you find the right person and have that peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of at home. We follow a strict no-compromise approach, right through from training a candidate to placement with a family. That way we ensure that our candidates are the highest qualified in the market. Don’t just take our word for it. Read about what our clients have to say about us. With more than 13 years of experience we are confident that we can address your needs and find that special one to help at home!

Highly Trained Candidates

Each candidate must complete a training course, before they will be placed with a family. All our training is done in-house so that we can control and ensure the quality and relevance of the content. In our Nursing Angels division, the training is facilitated by our in-house nurse with more than 35 years of professional experience. With all our training we require candidates to achieve a pass mark of 80% in the exam, before a candidate can proceed further. Our training courses have both a theory and practical component. That way we ensure they understand the content and can implement what they have leaned.  

Validation of References & Work Permits

When you employ someone from Domestic Angels, you are not just getting anyone off the street. After each candidate’s initial training and practical evaluation, we contact previous employers to validate all references. We check the validity of each reference. You’ve heard the old saying “paper is cheap“, which means anything can be written on paper. We personally speak to past employers to make sure that there were no unfavourable incidents that we should be aware of.  In South Africa it is possible that certain foreigner nationals can obtain work permits to work in SA. We take great care in validating these permits to ensure someone is not trying to obtain work illegally. 

Criminal Clearance

This is a unique feature of our service and something other companies don’t do. South Africa has a history of crime and therefore we do not compromise when it come to this issue. With each candidate we undertake a criminal clearance check. We have a computer system and licence whereby we link to the SAPS (South African Police Service) database. That way our clients are rest assured they won’t employ someone with a criminal record.  

Guarantee Period

With each candidate we place, we offer a guarantee period. You can select a 30, 60 or 90 day guarantee period, when you employ someone through our agency. This means that you are entitled to replace the candidate once, within the given guarantee period. A replacement could be triggered due to medical reasons or the employee wishing to resign or if the employer is not happy with the candidate for a specific reason.  

Employment Contract

As part of our services, we draft a contract of employment between employer and employee once a client presents a candidate with an offer of employment. This is a legal and binding document, drafted by a Labour Law specialist and is done at no additional cost. The document is a very important as it sets out the responsibilities of each party as well as salary, working hours, annual leave, sick leave etc. That way disagreements can be minimised and it also fosters a solid and trustworthy employer/employee relationship.

what our clients have to say

"I just want to say thank you for getting my application form requirements spot on. Catherine is an absolute pleasure in our home. Well done to you and your team on a professional and brilliant service offered".
I just wanted to let you know that Cecilia started working for our family as an au pair today. I would just like to thank you for bringing Cecilia to us. She hit it off with my daughter immediately and it was a joy to watch her take charge of my 6 year old. Cecilia clearly comes with a lot of experience and is the consummate professional. She is knowledgeable and gives one the confidence that things will be taken care of. I am a busy single mother who works full time and therefore need someone who can take charge and approach her work as a mature professional and Cecilia seems to embody those very qualities. I can now focus on my work knowing that when I come home it will be to a well organised home and to a happy child. Thank you again for the manner in which you approached my request and I look forward to a healthy working relationship with Cecilia.Thank you and best regards,
"Thanks so much for all the help, you are really true professionals and Netsai is absolutely fantastic".
"We are very pleased with the process that you have facilitated in order for us to find a suitable domestic helper. The caliber of candidates that we interviewed were all very professional and skilled. You personally have been extremely helpful and responsive with communicating with us. We are definitely assured that the company prides itself on good people and efficient process and we are grateful for that".
"Firstly I would just like to thank you for your amazing service. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing domestic (definitely more like family) for my house. We have been struggling so long with employers as well as domestic and nanny companies. I am recommending you to literally all my friends. Sifiso is the most amazing lady and comes to work with a great full heart and a big smile on her face every morning. Her work is perfection and she thinks out of the box. I wanted someone who could take the house and manage it as their own. She is doing all of that and more. I cannot thank you guys enough for your effort and for helping me to find the perfect fit to our family".
"We are ecstatic with Memory. She is already part of the family and is wonderful with our baby and the dogs. Our house has not been this clean and tidy in a long time".
"I’d love to thank you for the great job that you are doing…. I really, really appreciate it… I’m happy with the family you placed me with in Morning side….they are prefect…I’m doing my best to make them happy too…may the good Lord continue to bless you….I can feed my family now…all because of your hard work".