Do you Need a domestic worker nanny or executive nanny?

13 Years of Experience

Maybe you are trying to find the right person to look after your precious ones at home or maybe you just need someone to clean your home the way it should be done. Either way, we know we will find the right Angel for you, which means you don’t need to stress any further. Domestic Angels is the oldest division in our company (started in 2008) and without a doubt the leader in the industry. So many have tried but none come close to providing the level of service and high level of quality candidates that we do. We are the leader in the field of placing Domestic workers, Nannies/Childminders with families. Since 2020 we stated to offering Executive Nannies as another service to our clients. An Executive Nanny is where a qualified Nanny has completed our Au Pair, First Aid and CPR training. In some instances these persons also have a driver’s licenses which provides a further benefit to a client. 

We understand the concerns a mother or parents have and so we adopt a no-compromise approach when training an placing our candidates with families. Our Angels are all trained in-house and have to pass the course with at least 80% before they can be placed with a family. Any candidate that registers with our company must complete our training and we don’t just take on anyone. Our training comprises various aspects of house cleaning and looking after children. The training is followed by an interview, reference checks and criminal clearance check. Only once we are satisfied that a candidate meets all our criteria, will we place them with a family. Our years of experience, professional approach and understanding of our client’s needs, make our company the logical choice to help find that special someone to help at home. 

our professional

What We Do

interview process

We conduct a personal interview with each candidate. If the candidate meets our criteria, we place her with a family.

reference check

All candidates must provide us with a valid, contactable and favourable references from a previous employer.

training Course

All candidates must complete our in-house training course. We do not place candidates that have not completed this.

in-house exam.

Candidates must achieve a minimum pass mark of 80% in the exam, in order to be placed with a family.

Criminal Clearance

We conduct an online criminal clearance check. Our system is linked to the SAPS database and any adverse findings result in disqualification.

Validation of Documents

We check that foreign nationals have the necessary work permits that is required to work in SA.

what our clients
have to say

"I just want to say thank you for getting my application form requirements spot on. Catherine is an absolute pleasure in our home. Well done to you and your team on a professional and brilliant service offered".
"I’d love to thank you for the great job that you are doing…. I really, really appreciate it… I’m happy with the family you placed me with in Morning side….they are prefect…I’m doing my best to make them happy too…may the good Lord continue to bless you….I can feed my family now…all because of your hard work".
"Thanks so much for all the help, you are really true professionals and Netsai is absolutely fantastic".
"We are very pleased with the process that you have facilitated in order for us to find a suitable domestic helper. The caliber of candidates that we interviewed were all very professional and skilled. You personally have been extremely helpful and responsive with communicating with us. We are definitely assured that the company prides itself on good people and efficient process and we are grateful for that".
"Firstly I would just like to thank you for your amazing service. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing domestic (definitely more like family) for my house. We have been struggling so long with employers as well as domestic and nanny companies. I am recommending you to literally all my friends. Sifiso is the most amazing lady and comes to work with a great full heart and a big smile on her face every morning. Her work is perfection and she thinks out of the box. I wanted someone who could take the house and manage it as their own. She is doing all of that and more. I cannot thank you guys enough for your effort and for helping me to find the perfect fit to our family".
"We are ecstatic with Memory. She is already part of the family and is wonderful with our baby and the dogs. Our house has not been this clean and tidy in a long time".